Phase1Pre-construction: Completed

Prior to commencement of the project, three public meetings dedicated to the Bigelow Block project were held, in addition to more than a dozen additional meetings as part of the campus master plan and Institutional Master Plan processes. Pitt students, staff, faculty and alumni, as well as members of the community, were also able to submit feedback online.

Phase1Phase I: Completed

During the first phase of the project, the block of Bigelow Boulevard between Fifth and Forbes avenues will be closed for utility infrastructure improvements, installing utility lines along Bigelow Boulevard and boring utility lines under Forbes and Fifth avenues. This work plays a vital role in the implementation of the Campus Master Plan, as future campus developments are dependent on the expansion of and updates to Pitt’s utilities infrastructure.

Phase1Phase II: Completed

During phase two of the project, utility work will continue, expanding to the Union, major landscaping around the William Pitt Union will occur with a new outdoor programmable space, and a new streetscape will be installed including bike lanes, center crosswalk, and sidewalks, resulting in major improvements in safety and accessibility for all travelers.

Phase1Phase III: Completed

The north and east portions of the William Pitt Union grounds, including outdoor seating areas, accessibility ramps and programmable amphitheater, as well as the Bigelow Boulevard mid-block crosswalk, will be open for use on October 24.


Project Completed: December 24, 2020

Concrete planters and other barriers which were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic are installed, with the road re-opened to vehicular traffic, completing the project to provide a reimagined Bigelow Boulevard experience!